18. April 1996: Cause of initiative of Randy Michaels our first training were organized by Richard Lootens at the “The Stud” At this time we had the clubs name “Some Afternoon Dancers” cause it was only once a month. This was changed soon cause of the interest of the dancers to have 2 times a month training 1998: Our first performance in public at the Gay Pride (CSD). We started with a Beginners training at the Rainbow Café every 2nd and 4th friday of a month and also for the advanced dancers on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Friday of a month at the Community Hall of the St. Willibrord Church 1999: We changed our clubs name into: “Lucky Afternoon Dancers” or as short version: Munich LAD’s First performance at the TV-station Sat1 at the Jörg Pilawa Show (Talkshow) 2003: Richard Lootens is leaving the club and Ralf Kelbch and Kurt Fluger starting with giving lessons The club decides to become part of Team München First performance in a foreign country (Rome/Italy) Rose Grimmer was invited to give a workshop at our party 2004: Beginners training is moving to “Zunfthaus” were we offer a weekly training First invitation to give a workshop at an event, workshop given by Kurt and Ralf Event organized together with“The Wanderes” with a workshop by Robert Hahn and Manuela DeGuire 2005: First participation of the group at a group competition We’re leaving Team München 15. December 2005: founders-meeting for the non-profit club “Munich LAD’s - Lucky Afternoon Dancers” 2006: After Ralfs dead Kurt is doing the training of the group (supported by Sylvia) Alan Haywood was invited to our 10th Anniversary Party to give a workhsop In November the beginners had to move to “Zur Freundschaft” 2009: Robbie McGowan-Hickie was invited to give a workshop at our anniversary party first time that members are trying to get the dance sport insignia (Bronce) Kurt was participating at the World Out-Games in Copenhagen at the Line Dance Competitions: 1 Gold- and 2 Silvermedals Kurt is choreographing to a song of an Independent-Band (Urban Delight) after being asked to do so. At the end of the year the band came to make a professional video (which was never shown!) 2010: Club is participating at the 1. Line Dance Marathon to collect money for the Münchner Kindertafeln Kurt won the Choreography-Competition at the 5. Bavarian Line Dance Challenge with “Go Harley Go” Paticipation of Andi (1 Silver- and 1 Broncemedal) and Kurt (3x Goldmedal) at the Gay Games in Cologne 2011: Kirsi-Marja Vinberg from Finland gave us a workshop at our Anniversary-Party Guyton Mundy from America gave us a workshop at our September-Party 2012: Ria Vos from the Netherlands gave us a workshop at our Anniversary-Part We fasten our club logo at the smallest maypole of Munich while Kurt is giving a couple dance workshop 2013: Niels B. Poulsen was invited to give a workshop at a party in January Beginners training is moving to the community hall of St. Willibrord-church Sylvia, Andi and Eugen are managing almost the training for advanced dancers 2014: First Line Dance Beginners Course with 15 participants more and more members are joining international events (Las Vegas Line Dance Explosion, Eurodance etc.) 2015: a year only filled with our Anniversary Party, first time BBQ at the garden of Richard and our tradtional christmas market visit, this year to Augburg. 2016: New Beginners Course but not to many joining the group at the end. 20 Years Anniversary Party with Yvonne Anderson and José Miguel Belloque Vane. BBQ and our x-mas tour to the Tegernsee. 2017: 2018: 2019: 2020: 2021: